Tidyze Satin Bonnet was inspired by my loc journey. When I started my dreadlocks couple of years ago, I was having trouble finding a hair bonnet that would stay on my head all night when I slept. I bought a few but I was not satisfied with the results I was getting. Most of the bonnets would fall off in the middle of the night, leaving my hair exposed. Others had adjustable tight elastic bands that were uncomfortable to wear. It’s my quest for a functional sleep bonnet that led me to design the Tidyze sleep bonnet – a comfortable premium hair wrap guaranteed to stay on all night, stylish and affordable.

As a user of this hair bonnet, I have a better understanding of what customers are looking for. We know most pillow cases are made from cotton – a very absorbent material that sucks moisture from our hair making them dry, frizzy and unmanageable. Turning and twisting in our sleep causes pillow friction which can break natural hair, especially locs. Our bonnet helps create a barrier between your hair and pillow – reducing friction so you can maintain hair moisture and a healthy hair. Not only is our bonnet perfect for natural hair but it further protects the hair while in protective styles. (A good bonnet for natural hair is definitely great for hair extensions.) Keep your braids, twist, curls, wigs and edges in great shape with our silky hair wrap.

Buy it, use it, share it with your family, loved ones and friends!

As a family business, we want to be one source where customers can find unique products at great prices that meet their needs. Our customers are our # 1 priority, please feel free to contact us anytime at Tgi@tidyzehero.com